Site publishing with site builder access

Example integration flow for auto-building a Site for a customer, then giving them access to that site from your existing dashboard

This guide outlines how you can integrate a signup wizard or flow within your existing site to allow your users to create a new site. Then, after the site is created, the user can then click a button to make changes to their site within our white label site builder.

Step 1: User signup

  1. User fills out required information to create their site

  2. Optionally you can display a preview of their site using our Live Preview API

  3. Optionally you can then take payment from the customer on your side

  4. You then make an API call to create the Site and User. Our Site and User ID information is stored for future steps.

  5. Site is now created

  6. Optionally you can then link or redirect to the Site Builder using our Single Sign On (SSO) API (Step 2)

  1. User visits your dashboard

  2. Using the Site ID and User ID from Step 1, generate the SSO widget and display the SSO link

  3. User clicks and is automatically logged into the Site Builder for their Site

User flow diagram

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