Assigning a site's user

How to pass user information across with a Site so they can access if via the Single Sign On API

Passing a partner_user_id

This is the unique user ID you use for this user internally (i.e. their login to your system or a customer ID). If you provide a partner_user_id in the params, you don't need to include user_id in your request.

In addition to supplying partner_user_id, unless you are certain that a User account has been created already on our side, you will need to also pass the user's details to us. These are first_name, last_name, and email. These fields are used to automatically create a User account on our side if it does not already exist. If you are not sure if a user account is already created for the supplied partner_user_id, then you can always pass these values to maintain consistency.

Example of the partner_user_id param being used

  "subdomain": "www"
  "domain": "",

  "partner_user_id": 12345,
  "first_name": "John",
  "last_name": "Doe",
  "email": ""

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